Coats for dogs: guide to buying and using

Whether they are big or small, when we see them with their coats they make us cry, they are really cute; but is it a necessity for the dog or a habit of the owner?

Dogs with coats: necessity or habit? Naturally the dog has always lived in the open air, so he should be used to withstanding the various temperatures; however, there are some breeds that have adapted to living indoors over time, so the external temperature can damage their health.

What is really dangerous for a dog is not so much the cold as the sudden changes in temperature. We would like to clarify it, this to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings. Dogs who live at home, especially in apartments and who go out with their master a few times a day, can suffer a sudden change in temperature in winter due to the difference between the overheated interior and the too cold exterior.


There are still many owners who, even after seeing their dogs shivering from the cold several times once they leave the house, due to the violent change in temperature, still hesitate to buy dog ​​coats for their furry friends.

If at this point you are wondering: “Dog coat yes or no?” You don’t have to worry, if you’re worried that Fido is very cold, then don’t hesitate, he buys a coat and tries to make him wear it. If he gets used to carrying it then that’s it and don’t worry that others might think you’re exaggerating, you have to think only of the good of your trusty four-legged friend.

In these cases, it is therefore useful to buy a suitable coat for the occasion. It must not be too tight, because it can limit its movements, nor too loose, because it would not keep the heat. There are various shapes and colors on the market; the important thing is that it is comfortable for the dog, that there are no hanging objects that could be dangerous.

There are some that cover only the chest and belly, others also the legs. In online stores, you will find a wide selection of dog clothing.

On the other hand, a dog that lives in the garden or in the open air will hardly need to protect itself from the cold, because it will be used to it. In any case, to avoid excessive sudden changes, it is always preferable to have a door of a house window slightly open, especially in the room where the dog usually stays or at least to maintain a temperature that is not too different from the outside.


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Get the dog used to the coat

Getting the dog used to wearing a coat is not easy; in fact, you must be aware that he sees it as a constraint at the beginning. To do this he adopts the practice of happiness, meaning you make your dog live this experience as if it were a game, and if he behaves well, expect a small reward .

As we have said, in some cases it is necessary to wear a coat to avoid health problems. It is absolutely essential for puppies, old dogs, short-haired dogs and all those animals with health problems or predisposition to get sick.

Also know that a domestic dog, accustomed to the temperatures of a heated apartment, will develop numerically less hair than a dog that lives on the street or in the garden. This is also why many vets recommend coats for dogs.

If, on the other hand, you live in a rainy area, a raincoat is preferable . In fact, wet fur is dangerous for his health, and also causes a bad smell in the long run . So buy a raincoat for your dog to wear when it rains.

On your return, however, dry the parts that got wet thoroughly.

When to give up the coat

If, despite everything, the dog just doesn’t accept the coat, then he gives up, because he obviously doesn’t feel the need for it. It is true that we want the best for our dogs, but many make the mistake of anthropomorphizing the animal.

Remember that this is a dog and not a human, and will have different needs than yours. Nor is it a toy that we have to show to others or an object to compete with the neighbor, for who has the most fashionable dog. The dog must not feel ridiculed by others, he is an intelligent animal and he would understand this.

The important thing is that you put him in conditions to live in a healthy and serene way; if then he does not accept some things, it is good to indulge his instinct that is unlikely to make mistakes.

Coats for small dogs

In general, coats for small dogs are the most used, first of all because there are many short-haired or even hairless breeds, the so-called “naked dogs” which have the characteristic of presenting only a slight down and a few tufts of hair on the back, on the head or only on the legs and tail (such as the Chinese hairless dog or the Xoloitzcuintle).

Second because there are also some breeds, such as the famous Poodle, whose hair is shaved. In the past this breed of dog was used as a water retriever for duck hunting and the shearing of the hair on the back was done for specific, non-aesthetic reasons.

However, the typical shearing is still done today, but only for aesthetics, and therefore there is a need for coats for poodles.

The dog’s coat can be shaved for various reasons, such as in the case of a surgical operation that it has undergone. So not only do we find the classic coats for small dogs such as chihuahuas or pugs, but also for older dogs or dogs with diseases that have a weaker immune system.

Obviously there are also coats for puppies; all these categories of dogs are in a very delicate stage of their lives and need all possible care from their owners, a sudden change in temperature could be very serious for them.


In these cases, if the dog is used to staying inside the house and especially if you live in an area where winter is harsh, the little dog needs to wear dog coats before leaving the house.


However, it should be emphasized that not only small dogs may need to be protected from the cold and rain, but coats for medium or large dogs may also be needed.

Obviously it must always be short-haired dogs, such as Boxers which are medium-large in size, but have short hair.

It is inadvisable to put coats on dogs that already have a coat and an undercoat capable of protecting them even from harsh climates, such as for example a Siberian Husky or a Malamute, or Saint Bernards that certainly do not need either shirts or coats because by nature they are able to adapt perfectly to low temperatures.

Coats for dogs: do-it-yourself solutions

It is also possible to think about making handmade coats for dogs, if you are good at sewing or know someone who can do it for you, then you can give Fido an original and unique coat.

However, do-it-yourself dog coats must be made with good materials that do not irritate the dog’s skin or fur. You need to take your furry friend’s measurements well before starting to create the models starting from the dog coat patterns.

You will be able to create not only handmade coats for small dogs, but obviously for dogs of all sizes, just take the measurements well to ensure that they are neither too tight nor too loose. You will be able to make:

  • Knitted coats.
  • Crochet dog coats.
  • Or you can make a dog coat out of your old sweater or t-shirt.

All you need to do is find the dog coat model that’s right for you and your four-legged friend.

Patterns of dog coats

Obviously it is very convenient and practical to use dog coat patterns, in this way you will be sure not to make mistakes and forget somewhere. With a coat pattern you will be on the safe side even if you are less accustomed to various DIY jobs.

Don’t forget that to choose the right coat for your dog you must also consider the material it is made of, such as wool, cotton or acrylic dog coats. In short, the choice of fabrics is similar to that for people and varies according to the season in which you want your dog to wear a coat.

Once you have selected the most suitable material for Fido, before buying the garment, you need to take good measurements of the dog’s neck, chest and waist. In this way you will be sure to buy a coat that fits your furry friend perfectly.

It must be like this otherwise if the coat is too large not only will it not keep it warm, but it will also risk getting caught somewhere. And if it’s too tight it will limit its movement, so it just needs to fit snugly.

In addition, you will have to make sure that the product is of good quality, so buy dog ​​coats from good brands. Also because you have to check that it has no hinges or other various parts that can be detached and ingested by Fido. But don’t worry, even when it comes to excellent brands, it is always possible to buy coats on offer or in any case cheap versions.

Prices are usually low (even less than €10) so you don’t have to be scared, you can certainly afford to buy a cheap coat.

Please try to choose the best for your dear four-legged friend, as if you were choosing a coat for yourself or for your child, products that are too cheap could ruin Fido’s skin and coat.