Top 10 Best Gift Ideas For Dog Lover

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Today I will write the best 10 Dog Lover gifts.  They say dogs are man’s best friend, a very loyal friend! Well, indeed we all have that one friend who goes head over heels for dogs whether it is designer or street dogs who have a special place in their heart for dogs. They can’t take their hands off them, and when it comes to dogs they can’t take their eyes away whose ever the dog may be! And of course, they feel dogs are way better than humans and will always be with them no matter what.

In my circle of friends, it’s me! I can’t help myself but run over to caress when I see a dog. And I have always loved gifts that will come in use for dogs or reflect my love for dogs. Since we have confessed the love of dogs, now let’s move on to find out some perfect gifts for all the Dog Lover:

1. Customized Phone Case

Is your friend too obsessed with a Labrador or a Poodle? This probably will be one of those perfect gifts for your friend. Gift your dog lover friend a customized phone case with his favorite friend on the cover. A cute phone case featuring your friends’ favorite breed can never go wrong. From digital prints to carbonized phone cases, you can get to choose from a lot of options! A perfect cover for the phone as well as protection from extra scratches! And oh well, let them show off their love for dogs.

2. Sweater/T-shirt with Dog Print

Does your friend find dogs to be the cutest in the world? If yes, how wonderful it would be to gift him a sweater or t-shirt with dog print on them! Gift your friend with an adorable dog face on a t-shirt/sweater so that they can walk around the town looking fabulous. In my opinion, your pet can still look incredibly awesome on a piece of apparel.

 3. Corgi socks

How about an adorable, oh wait for pa www-adorable corgi socks?  Cute printed corgis to keep those feet warm in winters and clean in summers. This pair of socks can lighten up anyone’s mood! A perfect gift for your dog lover friend to run around with those cute socks. So, gift your friend a pair of corgi socks and help them feel the love for the dog.

4. A photography session

When you thought photography could only be limited to humans! What could there be a better way to gift your friend a photography session of his dog or of both of them together. With many photographers in-hand, you could gift a creative photography session to a dog lover friend. From portraits to fun photography sessions, capturing the dog in action and whatnot, it will definitely be an addition to any dog lovers’ coffee table.

5. Dog bowls

Being a dog lover, I’d always get my pup a new bowl once in a while. What a relief it would be if someone gifted me some dog bowls with awesome dogs and wise quotes printed on them. Or maybe just some witty  and sarcastic dog quotes! Dog bowls come in stainless steels or handmade clay pots also with the breeds’ name imprinted on it ! Gift your friend a handmade dog bowl with his breeds’ name imprinted on it and

6. Bow-ties or Scarfs

Dog collars are too much 2000s style. It’s time to give your dog some sassy and vintage look. If you are a dog lover too, you will know the excitement when you are in a dog shop. Colorful belts, bandanas, bowls, scarfs, beds; you want them all! A nice printed bow-tie or scarf for your dog lovers’ furry friend. You can find bow-ties in every nook of the dog shop available. From plain colored to printed bow-ties or scarf, you can choose from a wide range of choices.

7. Pet rug

Every dog loves to laze around in the sunny afternoon or cold winters. They have a specific spot where they always love to sleep or just simply sit. So gift your dog lover friend with a stylish, comfortable rug for his dog to sleep. Let your friend know that you care about him by showing love to the ones he loves so much. Since dogs shed a lot of select rugs with dark colors and small patterns. This not only helps the rug to look clean but also dirt better, hides stains and no frequent washing of the rug will also look new for a longer period.

8. Custom Keychain

If your friend can’t always take his dog for a ride, then this stainless steel customized dog breed keychain gets you to go out with your friend all the time. A customized handcrafted breed keychain for your dog lover friend will be one of those cool gifts! Keychains may be bought directly of some random breed or can be specially ordered of a particular breed of dog, your friend is attached to.

9. Necklace/ Wrist bands

Name-plated necklaces or wristbands can be a perfect gift for a fancy friend. Let them show their love for dogs by gifting them such. Necklace and wristbands don’t necessarily need to be limited to names! Maybe a cute pet portrait or paw print for your dog lover buddy. A unique and special pet pendant for your dear friend.  Wristbands can be a collection of the pet’s portrait, name, and a dog’s bone. You don’t need to stick to stereotypical designs but give a twist with your own style! Customize the wristband with what your friend wouldn’t be expecting! Bang! Give him a surprise and make him run with excitement!

10. Groom Tool


A basket full of shampoo, conditioner, detangler, brush, and comb, is a perfect gift for a dog lover. A grooming tool consisting of all the necessities would make a dog lover jump with joy. Everyone grooms their dog and there could be no other better gift. The grooming tool doesn’t necessarily have to be dull and boring. You can go for other options like soft wipes for the eyes, fur paint, or even dog perfumes like de-stress.

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