Top 10 Dog Foods For Fat Dogs

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I am in the dining hall, eagerly waiting for my dinner. The dog food arrives and a beautiful aroma resonates from the colorfully decorated plate of chicken and veggie curry. I start to take a spoonful of bites and am gestured by a small fellow. His child-like innocent face molten brown mocha gleaming eyes stare back at me. I couldn’t help myself when I saw those paws scratching my legs in utter cuteness! Without a second thought, goes down a chicken bone for my furry poodle. Each bite he enjoys with such satisfaction and pleasure.

With time and consumption of food, our cute little paws turn into bold and strong paws. Days, weeks, months, and years pass by so his weight, height, and appetite also increase. It is obvious to us to assume that just because our pets’ appetite has suddenly increased, we tend to feed them in big amounts and sometimes maybe even “excess”. But eventually, no matter no big the dog is, they also have certain limitations. At times when we do not understand these things, our excessive feeding leads the dog to be overweight or even an obese dog.

Similar to humans, once a dog gains weight, it will be difficult to shed excess fat or lose some weight. Reducing the quantity of the food and constant exercise might help the dog to lose weight but might not be receiving the right amount of nutrition and proteins to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Well, if you can find various brands of dog food, it is also obvious that you can find dog foods that are specifically targeted for fat or overweight or obese dogs. Maintaining a regular diet between 250 pr 300 calories per cup or 13 ounces can be high in protein, has lower fat and carbohydrate levels, which will help to keep the overall calorie count in control. Or if you choose to feed high-calorie food, you must feed small amounts to help your dog lose weight. Below-mentioned is 10 dog food that is specifically targeted for fat dogs:

1. Natural Balance Fat Dogs Foods

Being overweight or obesity will definitely affect your pet physically, but also many health problems will arise, such as heart disease or reduced mobility. Hence, helping your pet maintain q healthy diet is also equally important. Designed to keep your pet nutritionally fit with the delicious smack of flavors, Natural Balance Fat Dogs is for your dog. It offers a special fiber and protein blend to help your pet lose weight in a healthy way. Besides this, it will also keep your Shepherd to Lab full between meals and prevent constant begging. This low-calorie diet is specifically made for overweight dogs. With ingredients like chicken and salmon, meal, dried peas, barley, and oatmeal will provide protein blend to dogs to keep them balanced.

2. Hill Science’s Adult Recipe for Dogs

With a wide variety to choose from and for all breeds and specific needs, each recipe is made with lamb or chicken so that you can vary your dog’s protein to ensure well-balanced nutrition. Hill Science offers your pet two types of recipes: Light meals and Perfect Weight. Both dog food focuses on a few calories. Both of these recipes are tailored for weight management, which is important for overall health. Each recipe provides balanced nutrition to help the dog achieve healthy living. They are inclusive of high-quality chicken protein which helps to maintain lean muscles and natural vegetable fiber to help satisfy unnecessary hunger after meals. Each recipe is 10% lower in calories than the Adult Advanced Fitness product.

3. Castor and Pollux Indulgent Mix

Here is another reason for your dog to jump every time it is food time! Castor and Pollux Indulgent Mix saves the day! Your dog will definitely lick his bowl off, but at the same time provide the correct protein and carbohydrate for your pet to lose weight slowly. Their natural product contains no corn, wheat, soy artificial colors or preservatives. Castor and Pollux’s comprehensive quality control program involves testing their ingredients and products at least 3 times throughout the production phase. The indulgent mix includes savory entrees like beef and chicken meal, apples and green peas. They believe in delicious and nutritious food will lead to healthier and happy dogs.

4. Premium Edge

Only made with fresh and finest ingredients, it will provide your overweight pet with the best nutrition to maintain optimal health. A great taste formula that features scrumptious meals of fresh chicken and salmon, it is high in protein and lowers in carbohydrates to promote weight loss in your dog. In the addition of glucosamine, chondroitin and L-Carnitine will promote quick fat burning. This food will not make your dog feel gassy and also helps them feeling full for a longer period of time. Containing no corn, wheat, your dog will receive the best nutrition for his well-being. A great taste formula with low fat to help your pet put down some extra flab!

5. Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon

A sensational taste that your dog will crave, it is a unique grain-free formula that is a blend of animal proteins with an added wild boar flavor. It is also full of rich nutrient fruits and vegetables like blueberries, pears, raspberries, garbanzo beans which provide natural antioxidants for your pet’s healthier lifestyle. As the pack suggests, your pet will get the taste of the wild! A grain-free diet that features guaranteed probiotics for increased metabolism for weight loss and nutrient absorption for a healthy digestive system. Inclusive of optimal amino and acid profile contains fresh and healthy and real-time savory veggies and fruits for your pets’ weight loss program.

6. Dr. Tim’s Metabolite Weight Management Formula

Keeping the weight of the dog in account, Dr. Tim’s metabolite weight management will adopt a win-win lifestyle for your pet and you too. The metabolite formula has been developed through a combined effort of canine specialists, dog nutritionists, and a veterinarian experienced in dog sports and companion animal medicine. The food contains a complimentary fiber structure with high levels of protein and moderate fat content that work in tandem with your dogs’ natural metabolism to help weight loss. The metabolites act as a key to your door which will open the metabolic routes one after the another to ensure that your pet is also optimizing his natural ability to burn calories. It integrates the weight loss process from all angles, from the structure of molecules of the ingredients to the psychology of the pet owner, to develop and maintain your pet’s healthy weight while understanding the behavioral difficulties of an overweight dog.

7. Fromm Four-Star Nutritional

Our four-legged mini-humans just absolutely love shredded chicken! The shredded chicken entree includes a generous share of shredded chicken simmered in chicken broth with wholesome vegetables like diced peas, potatoes, and carrots. It contains chelated minerals which help to boost the immune system of your dog. Like other dog food, Fromm Four-Star Nutritional is also precisely formulated to help lose weight by providing a mouth-watering palate but also fulfilling the nutritional level required for your paw friend. A complete grain-free meal suitable for all life stages of your pet and will also definitely have your pet running to his bowl.

8. Annamaet Grain-Free Lean Low Fat

A holistic and naturally preserved grain-free reduced fat formula designed to help dogs with weight concerns. It contains proteinate minerals, which increase their utilization and strengthen their immune system. Delivering great flavors of chicken and duck meals, fresh vegetables like carrots, potatoes, parsley, celery, it will provide a balanced diet for your fluffy friend. Along with enjoying an amazing taste, your pet will also lose weight and gain a lean body. This reduced fat formula will not only work for weight loss but also can help with skin, ear, and chronic digestive system. It also works well for dogs with pancreatitis.

9. Victor Senior or Healthy Weight Formulas

Featuring optimal protein, carbohydrates, and fat levels, Victor Senior Healthy Weight dry dog food will your dog be fit, healthy, and energetic. This savory recipe is formulated naturally with vitamins, minerals along with other advanced ingredients. All these ingredients will work together to lose weight, but also support a healthy digestive system. 72% of the protein in this food comes from meat,  poultry, and fish. It is also free from all products which cause sensitivity in dogs. Victor dog food is a high-protein food with relatively low calories and without fillers that many manufacturers use. With an awesome smack of flavors, Victor provides weight-loss food of a high quality at a relatively low cost.

10. Wellness Core Reduced-Fat

This grain-free reduced fat formula has 25% less fat compared to the other products of Core. It is not a weight loss diet food for your dog but will provide the right amount of nutrition and proteins to help your dog maintain an ideal weight. All gluten-free ingredients that will guarantee a big taste without fillers will support maintaining a proper weight. This protein-focused formula delivers an adequate amount of meat without excess fat and calories that your dog does not need. Natural dry dog food to meet the specific needs of dogs who are less active and required to maintain a balanced weight.

Do not be worried if you can’t see quick changes in your dog. Weight loss takes time and is a slow process. Only low-carb dog food also won’t bring changes to your dog. Regular exercise and maintaining a regular diet will not only help lose weight but also develop a lean body structure.